The Best Cakes Made, Are Dutch Maid


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Dutch Maid is a scratch bakery. Products are formulated from base ingredients. No bag mixes or bases are used. This allows the freedom to select the best ingredients for each purpose.

We have developed formulas that yield a home made, rich and moist cake. Fresh eggs at 100% flour weight, pudding grade starches, premium imported Dutch cocoa natural flavorings and other ingredients are combined to produce a high ratio cake.

Icings are smooth & creamy. Finer 10x confectioners sugar is specified with fondant creating a sweet silky smooth butter cream icing. Real butter, real cream cheese and bourbon vanilla extracts are used. Real Belgian Ganache, fruit fillings, imported chocolate and many natural flavorings create a variety of finished icing. From basic vanilla and chocolates to exotic mango or rum, the variety is extensive.